A lifelong friend for Gia

We love being able to share stories of our past wish kids – like Gia who wished for a brown pony back in 2007!

“I heard the stories about mum growing up in the outback and having horses to ride any time she wanted, so when I was asked what I would wish for I said my own pony,” she explains.

Nine years on, we’re thrilled to share that Gia has overcome her battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She says having her pony, who she named Cody, in her life was a welcome distraction during the toughest point in her life.

“Instead of thinking about needles or hospitals or feeling sick, I could think about what he was doing, or I could feed him, or ride him when I got home. I loved that he was mine. It was my job to love and protect him.”

A lasting, powerful wish impact

Now in Year 8, Gia is a super sports star, and loves spending her time out of the classroom playing soccer, netball, surf lifesaving and athletics. She’s also a wish ambassador and has shared her inspirational journey at many Make-A-Wish events.

“I love having the opportunity to speak for and raise awareness for Make-A-Wish,” she shares. “To give back to the charity that gave me Cody and helped me through the worst time of mine and my family’s life is a great feeling. Make-A-Wish has a very pure and simple job to spread joy, which cannot be underestimated.”

“Even though it’s a bit of a cliché, wishes really are the best medicine. There’s no greater gift than to grant the wish of a sick child who just wants to feel happy or normal again."

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