Escape to fairyland

Bradie-Lee is 11 and has Battens disease, a rare neurodegenerative illness which means she’s slowly losing her sight, so her wish to fly with fairies and escape to fairyland needed to be a special sensory experience.

A sprinkle of magic

Dear Bradie-Lee, my name's Queen Clarion and oh dear, I do seem have fallen a very long way from fairyland and I've lost my fairy dust! I cannot fly without my magic fairy dust...

In the lead up to her wish Bradie-Lee found lots of magical notes like this on the pink toadstool in her fairy garden, along with all the bits she would need to become a fairy – a tutu with bells, wand, flower crown, wings, and of course, a jar of fairy dust.

Fairies assemble!

To make Bradie-Lee's wish come true, Make-A-Wish enlisted the help of a local circus school, who worked with our volunteers to transform their space into a fairy wonderland.

Bradie-Lee flew through the air in a harness (whoosh!) with a fairy helper guiding her and describing the enchanted fairyland around them.

“Not one person didn’t have a tear that day. We’ll never forget this,” mum Karen shared.

The icing on the cake? A special fairy party for Bradie-Lee with her friends and family!

Volunteer’s view

“Bradie-Lee’s wish was amazing. It was the most beautiful and creative wish I have experienced in my 10 years with Make A Wish,” volunteer Kathy said. “It inspired everyone involved and reiterates all the reasons why we do what we do.”

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