Eitan's superstar wish

Eitan wished to become a star, so he can make lots of friends and spread happiness around the globe!


To make Eitan's wish come true, we organised a red carpet arrival and huge dance performance at Federation Square in Melbourne! Check out his music video to see what happened.

A new beginning

Eitan, 7, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, and spent lots of time in hospital isolation while other kids were making friends.

Mum Anna shared, “the last four years Eitan basically missed out on a childhood – learning to ride a bike, going to the movies – we couldn’t because his immune system was down.”

“For us, Eitan’s wish is about celebrating life and beating leukaemia. Now we can start the next chapter.”

A star is born

Eitan spent months preparing for his big debut, practising his moves with Liz from Bey Dance, where he said dancing surrounded by friends made him feel like a “shooting star.” Liz said "When I first met Eitan, he could barely execute a grapevine step. He worked so hard, showed incredible determination and kept persevering to nail his incredible dance." 

A born performer, Eitan told mum he’d been practising in his head as well as every day before school.

“He has a different kind of confidence now – you can see the glow in his eyes, his face, his mannerisms – it’s incredible.”

Wish Force in action!

We called on the whole of Australia to get behind Eitan’s wish, and you didn’t disappoint! People all over the country have been sending us videos learning Eitan's dance, to his favourite Justin Timberlake song 'Can't Stop the Feeling'.  

At Federation Square, Eitan told us, “It was super amazing, the best day in my whole entire life.”

Wishes are vital

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The facts

> Six Australian families a day receive the devastating news that their child has a life-threatening illness.

> 642 children are waiting for their wish to come true.

> Last year, the number of families asking for our help increased by 30%.

> We don’t receive any government funding – all wishes are powered by the generosity of our supporters.


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