'Dr Izzy', a puppy patient's paw-fect carer

Isabelle, 11, battling a rare genetic disorder, has set her sights on becoming a vet after being inspired by a friend of her family.

Keen to follow the scent of what this career may be like, Isabelle wished to be a vet and take care of sick dogs.


An official welcome

Arriving at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, Isabelle was greeted by head vet Dr. Russell, given her very own personalised scrubs, and official access card for the hospital.

Looking every inch a qualified vet, she proudly introduced herself to other staff members as ‘Dr. Izzy’ for the rest of the day with a huge smile on her face!

Isabelle arrived at Lort Smith Animal Hospital to a warm welcome.


Straight to work with a smile

Dr. Izzy’s first order of business was to name some newborn kittens before ordering blood work for a patient. Isabelle used her new bandaging skills paw-fectly to help Mo, with a sprained ankle, helping the staffy make a full recovery that afternoon.

Throughout the day her confidence grew as she cared for dogs before and after surgery. What a fantastic foundation for Isabelle’s future career helping furry friends!

Bandaging Mo 's sprained leg like a pro.


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