Asha’s mermaid transformation

Living with cystic fibrosis means Asha, 10, must spend two hours each day doing exercise and physio to strengthen her lungs.  It’s tough, but what helps Asha get through is thinking about the underwater creatures that inspire her the most – mermaids.

Mermaid training

Before her wish, Asha had to undertake some very important mermaid training – after all, being a mermaid requires a very special skill set! She met with a professional mermaid who passed on her most important tips and tricks. This built up Asha’s anticipation and excitement, and she excitedly counted down the sleeps for the adventure that was ahead of her.

A magical transformation

Finally, the day arrived! First up for Asha was a swim to scour the sea for wild dolphins. Then, when she returned to shore, two real mermaids were waiting for her – ready to present her with her brilliant orange tail.

Tools for recovery

Asha's mum says no words can fully describe Asha’s delight. “If you could have heard her squeals of joy whilst being lowered into the bay, or seen her face squinting in the sunshine as she searched for dolphins, or watched her run towards the seashore where two mermaids were waiting … It was perfect.

"It brought so much colour, delight and love – all the very things Asha needs to recover.”

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