Arlyn’s wish for a Minnie Mouse cubby house

Arlyn is 7 and was born with congenital heart disease. Despite her young age, she’s already been through three open heart surgeries – one of which caused a cardiac arrest that left her with a brain injury.

While she’s a girl of few words, Arlyn made sure her cherished wish was clear! She wished for a cubby house decked out with everything Minnie Mouse, her favourite Disney character. 

Designing a pink and purple haven

Arlyn had first-hand input into making sure her new cubby was absolutely perfect. She picked out the colours (pink and purple!), and hand-picked all the decorations. She even made a trip to the supplier to watch her cubby being painted right before her very eyes.

“It’s been amazing to see her so happy and excited for what’s to come,” says mum Stacey. “The whole wish journey was such a positive experience for Arlyn.”

Arlyn’s cubby finally arrives

Arlyn’s cubby was delivered complete with a pink slide and a sandpit. Minnie’s face adorns the walls, the curtains, and even a special play kitchen. A pink and purple swing set completed her dream play area!

“She loves the cubby,” says mum. “Although she knew it was coming, we didn’t tell her exactly when it was going to arrive, so it was a big surprise for her to find the cubby in the backyard one day when she came home from school."

A second home for Arlyn

Since her wish came true, Arlyn’s barely left her cubby. “She’s spent every spare minute in there, the first thing she does every morning is look out the window to check that it’s still there,” says mum.

“This cubby has brought her so much joy. Arlyn’s gone through a lot with her health, it’s made a huge difference to see her so happy.”

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