Abigail recovers her sparkle

Oh no! The Queen Unicorn has lost her sparkle and desperately needs it back... and so wish kid Abigail's mission begins!

MISSION: Find the Queen Unicorn's lost sparkle
WHO: Abigail, 6, and big sis Isabella
TIME: 12 months in the making
WHAT: One extraordinary wish journey

Abigail is 6 and has been battling cystic fibrosis for as long as she can remember.

As she’s been getting older, Abigail’s started asking why she’s the only one at school who has to take medication, do physio and go to appointments.

But then, Abigail found out she was going on a wish journey.

Isabelle and Abigail in superhero training


The wish turned around her thinking

Abigail told Make-A-Wish volunteers that the queen unicorn lives with all the other unicorns in a rainbow coloured castle in the clouds. More than anything, she wished to visit this magical place.

Soon, questions around her treatment were replaced by constant excitement and sharing with everyone everywhere that she was going to Unicornland!

The sign to Unicornland


Abigail spent months preparing for her mission

Abigail is fascinated by super powers and people who protect others.

Over the past year Make-A-Wish organised superhero training (which the girls took very seriously), sent special deliveries from the much admired Supergirl, and helped leave a magic sprinkle of glitter whenever a unicorn passed by... 

It wasn’t long before Abigail received her special mission from Supergirl: to find the queen unicorn’s lost sparkle and return it to Unicornland.

Abigail and Isabella found the unicorn's sparkle!


The healing power of a wish

Abigail had a magical time at Unicornland with Isabella, enjoying a glittery tea party, playing games with fairies, and riding a rainbow unicorn called Sugar!

“Abi’s illness is stressful on the whole family, so to see my girls smile and laugh again is overwhelming”  mum shared

 On tough days Abigail will be able to tap into her newfound super strength.

Happy times for Abigail at Unicornland


Wishes are vital

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The facts

> Six Australian families a day receive the devastating news that their child has a life-threatening illness.

> 642 children are waiting for their wish to come true.

> Last year, the number of families asking for our help increased by 30%.

> We don’t receive any government funding – all wishes are powered by the generosity of our supporters.


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