Children's charity appeal, image of two boys Brax and Dre Children's charity appeal, image of two boys Brax and Dre

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Braxtyn, 11, 'To go on an adventure with Batman and catch the bad guys'
Dre, 11, 'To kick a ball with the Canberra Raiders'

Meet Brax & Dre

The brothers both live with Hunter syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. From a young age, the boys have been going in and out of hospital. Every single week, they must endure the most gruelling treatment – medication is pumped into their bodies, through a port in their chest.

But they never face this alone. They’re each other’s sidekick.

Sometimes I leave the room and hear them say, ‘I’ve got you. If you need me, I’ve got you.’ They’re each other’s support teams. It melts your heart.”

They were born just ten months apart, so they’re pretty much twins. They have the best bond. It only gets stronger, with everything they go through.

Kirri Brax & Dre's mum

Brax saves the day

“Obsessed.” This is how Kirri, Brax’s mum, describes how Brax feels about Batman. So, it was no surprise that his wish was to help The Dark Knight save the day.

In the lead-up to his wish, Brax was super excited and told everyone, including his mates at school and the nurses at the hospital, that he and Batman were going to meet soon.

Working as a team, Brax, Dre, and Batman followed the clues left by the thief. Together they rescued staff who had been captured, recovered the stolen artwork, and put the bad guy into police custody.

Brax received a medal for helping Batman and ended the day by taking some photos in the Batmobile.

I thought he would be really shy, but he’s just been so open and just awesome with it. He really wants to help Batman.

Kirri Brax & Dre's mum

Dre meets his heroes

Dre is Brax’s older brother, and he had his wish granted several years ago, thanks to generous gifts from people like you!

Dre is obsessed with the Canberra Raiders so there was only one thing he was ever going to wish for – visiting Canberra Stadium and kicking a ball with the team! Dre spent the day at the Raider’s HQ, meeting the team, experiencing a team talk and kicking a ball with his favourite players!

It was absolutely wonderful. Dre went in for a team talk and they all went out onto the pitch together. Kicking that ball, he was like a kid in a candy store.

Kirri Brax & Dre's mum

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