Help Aroha grant more wishes for other sick kids like her

Aroha is using her wish to help critically ill kids like her get their wishes granted too.

Donate online today and make her wish come true.

Aroha, 13, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Aroha's story

Helping others has always been her top priority

In 2016 Aroha’s Halloween plans were interrupted when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at just six years old. Her treatment started right away.

That Halloween, Aroha traded her costume for a hospital gown, and started her first round of chemotherapy. Chemo was tough for Aroha, but she was determined to be a supportive presence for everyone around her. Aroha’s mission: make hospital less scary and more fun.

Aroha during her treatment

Aroha's Wish

Imagine using your one wish to help others

Now 13 years old, Aroha has told Make-A-Wish that her wish is to make wishes possible for more kids like her. She knows what it’s like to spend hours living in hospital and wants other kids to experience the hope that a wish can bring.

For Halloween this year, Aroha has decided to use her voice to rally Australians to help more children in hospital have their unique wishes granted.

Aroha kids charity fundraiser

I know that some kids won’t ever be able to have the opportunity to have their wish happen and that makes me sad.


The lasting impact of a wish

For kids like Aroha, having a wish brings hope, creating a positive experience and lifelong memories.

Which means there is more to be thankful for and less to worry about - even as a child.

For Aroha, a wish journey brings the freedom to dream a little bigger. That good things can happen despite illness. That’s why she wants to her use her one wish to give more wishes.

Because to grant a wish gives hope.

We need your help to make this wish possible before Halloween

There are over 900 children like Aroha who are waiting for a wish right now. Kids whose childhood is being impacted by a critical illness.

Together, we can bring more kids the joy of a wish journey. But we need to do it before 31 October. Will you help Aroha grant more wishes now?