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From creating backyard café’s to ninja warrior obstacles courses, these garden wishes are all about playing outside and using imagination – the good stuff that childhood memories are made from.

These wishes encourage kids to play and explore, to imagine and to dream. Often a space to play is a place for friends or siblings to swap secrets, to work as a team and to giggle until belly muscles hurt. By supporting this wish type you’ll be giving these kids more than just muddy knees, you’ll be giving them the freedom of the outside world.

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Give a child a lasting memento of their wish with $10 for a cap their sporting idol can sign

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Each year, 6,500 Australian children are diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. By gifting a wish, you’re helping us achieve our 2021 wish list, with every dollar raised bringing us a step closer to granting wishes for the 700 kids currently on their Wish Journey.

As a charity that doesn't receive any government funding, your tax-deductible donation will be used where the need is greatest - while your gift may contribute towards items for a child's superhero or princess wish, it can also help with creating the many hundreds of Wish Journeys delivered each year.