Make-A-Wish Australia volunteer Sonita Make-A-Wish Australia volunteer Sonita

Sonita gets top job in Top End

Make-A-Wish Australia's youngest president has been elected in Darwin.

New office bearers

Youthful president leads way in Darwin

Darwin has a new Make-A-Wish branch president – and she’s the youngest in Australia.

At just 24, Sonita Regupathi took over the reins of the Darwin Branch this week.

Make-A-Wish branches elect their office bearers every two years, with the new term starting September 1.

Some branches, however, will elect their office bearers in late October this year, given COVID-19 disruptions.

Make-A-Wish Australia volunteer Sonita

Sonita’s Make-A-Wish volunteer journey started in Singapore, where she was involved in a local wish-granting branch for three years. During that time she was part of 10 wishes.

She then moved to Perth with family and became part of the Perth Branch.

“I was going to take a break when I came to Australia, but after a few months I felt like something was missing, so I got back involved,” Sonita said.

A year ago, Sonita moved to Darwin where she was able to join the same branch as her auntie Shoba.

“We have about eight people in our branch, and I have two wishes that I am working on at the moment,” she said.

“I love Make-A-Wish. I feel like the kids teach me about resilience because they go through so much as kids, but they’re still so positive.”

Make-A-Wish has around 60 volunteer branches in Australia, and is represented in 50 countries around the world.

To join the Darwin Branch of Make-A-Wish, contact Volunteer Programmes Coordinator Rebecca Acuto via email [email protected]

Make-A-Wish Australia volunteer Sonita