Update - 22 May 2024

Exciting updates to our ‘MyWish’ app

What's New?

We asked our wish kids and their families how we could improve the user experience of the MyWish App, and received some great feedback!

Here’s how we’ve implemented their suggestions:


“The very first time we opened {the app}, we found it very hard…it would’ve been nice for some pop-up boxes to come up with a little bit of guidance.” - Wish Family Feedback

We wanted to find a playful way to help kids understand how to use the app, that didn’t feel too instructional.

So we introduced Wishy, our out-of-this-world animated guide, who not only explains how the app works, but also guides wish kids on a journey of ideation, helping to lead to their ultimate wish idea.

Key changes:

  • Brought Wishy to life through animation and voiceover
  • Re-structured and re-wrote activities in the app to follow a journey of ideation
  • Used Wishy to explain this journey and break it into steps that made sense for our wish kids


Families also suggested dialing up engagement in the app. Aside from the development of Wishy, we also wanted to introduce elements of gamification to make the experience more rewarding and fun.

“My child likes games. But even with the math games, they have to get through something in order to get to the next level. And they get that sense of chasing something...” - Wish Family Feedback

To achieve this, we introduced a customiseable rocket ship; one that Wish kids will build, obtaining new pieces as they complete activities along their journey.

Key changes:

  • ‘Build your own rocket’ element
  • More sound effects
  • Activities chunked into sections, broken up by Wishy animation, which helps drive sense of achievement

We can’t wait to hear from our wish kids and families about this latest version of MyWish, and to see all the amazing wish ideas that our wish kids come up with!