Highlights from Make-A-Wish Australia’s 2023 Gala Ball Season

Nights to remember!

Over the months of July and August, Make-A-Wish Australia hosted three Gala Balls across Australia to support and raise funds to help make more wishes come true. A special mention also goes to the Mildura branch, which hosted their Gala Ball in April this year.

An incredible few nights to help support making wishes come true for the 950 critically ill kids on their Wish Journey right now.

Across the three events over 1300 people slipped into their fancy footwear and attended our gala balls. This wouldn’t have been possible without our 30 sponsors and over 250 donors who helped bring even more magic to the event. A special thanks to our inspiring volunteers with over 60 attending the events and working on the committee to make the nights so spectacular!

Make-A-Wish Hobart, celebrated 30 years of granting wishes with a galaxy themed gala. While Sydney on the same night had a sold-out event with almost 400 people enjoying a wonderful ‘Great Gatsby’ themed night.

Gold Coast closed out our Ball season with a spectacular ‘Greatest Showman’ themed gala, where stilt walkers, cartoon artists, and aerialists flew high above the sky to entertain the night.

Russell Smith, Vice President of the Port Macquarie volunteer branch had all hands-on deck for the Sydney Gala Ball and was beyond proud of the achievements from their ‘Great Gatsby’ event.

“To our volunteer committee team, sponsors, styling company, entertainment, venue, wish ambassadors and donors of all our prizes we far exceeded all expectations. The bar has been set so high in all respects; it is going to be hard to top! But as we like nothing better than to make the impossible possible, I’m sure we can."

Russell Smith, Port Macquarie Volunteer Branch Vice President

Community Success

The Gala Balls hosted by Make-A-Wish bring communities together to raise funds to help grant more wishes and we are so thankful to everyone who came and supported these events. We hope to see you again next season!

A special thanks to all our volunteer branches who played a big role in making these events possible!

Cheryl Dawson from the Gold Coast Volunteer Branch was blown away with the enormous effort from her community.

"Together, we’ve proven that when hearts and hands come together, we can achieve remarkable results."

Cheryl Dawson, Gold Coast Volunteer Branch

Also, a special thanks to all our suppliers who helped make the night come to life. A big thanks to; Manildra Group, Vittoria Coffee, APDC, Blooms the Chemist, Muscle Republic, Maverick Maison, Sophie B Photography, Tero Creative, Red + White, GSD, Alive Technologies Group, Wilson Homes, Creative Grit, MyState Bank Arena, DPF Media, Castle Property, IBG Taxation and Advisory, Beck Law, Chase Gallery, Eden Health Retreat, Media Shark, Occupy Property, Callejja Jewellers, Freedom Boats, Aston Martin and Homebodii.