Make A Wish Australia, Children's Charity - Dara on her puppy wish looking excited Make A Wish Australia, Children's Charity - Dara on her puppy wish looking excited

Our smiling puppy girl

Who can forget Dara, the little girl with the beaming smile and sparkling eyes? Spending two years in hospital fighting lymphoma from the age of 5, we granted Dara’s wish in 2017 to spend the day with a whole lot of puppies. We asked Doliana, Dara's mum, how her daughter was going in 2020.

How is Dara doing in 2020?

Dara is enjoying being a child. She just turned 10 years old mid-September, shared a wonderful birthday party with her best friend who is one day younger than Dara and they celebrated with 40 of their school friends. She is looking forward to the perks of the teenage years, asks lots of questions and can’t wait to go to high-school.

Has the wish had a lasting effect?

The wish has a lasting effect for Dara and for us. What happened during the wish day and the preparations for the wish managed to do what the human brain usually finds it hard to do by itself – wipe off bad memories. The wish was the sign, the moment when we started anew, because we dared hope again. Dara loves talking to her friends and teachers about her wish and about the great impact that day had on her. When she speaks about herself she talks about her family, her dog, her favourite books and her favourite holiday places and always about her Make-A-Wish day.

It’s part of her growing into a confident, happy person. I would go as far as saying that Dara’s wish is a foundation for her recovery and her way back into living a normal child’s life.

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