Two make-a-wish volunteers waving goodbye to a wish child in a horse drawn carriage

Fundraising Shout-Outs

A massive thank you from Make-A-Wish for the outstanding fundraising efforts we've seen throughout the year so far.

March 8 - April 4

Hungry Jack's Wishmaker Campaign

A whopping $1.52 million dollars!

Yes, you read that right - the Hungry Jack's community raised a record $1.52 million throughout the Wishmaker Campaign.

Thanks to their extraordinary efforts this year's Wishmaker donation will go towards supporting our travel and experience wish program, which has been among our most impacted because of the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

So, thank you Hungry Jack's, and of course, everyone who bought a star in-store and online! You are all Wishmakers!

April 11 - June 11

Sean Bell's Run for Wishes

Make-A-Wish's own Running man, Sean Bell, has completed his 60 day run!

Super Sean bounded into Vermont Football Club on Friday 10 June, ending a 4000km journey that started in Cairns one April morning.

Sean's Run for Wishes has raised over $100,000, easily eclipsing his initial goal to raise $60,000 so that critically ill children can have wishes.

In his final 48 hours pounding the pavement, Sean visited the Make-A-Wish Australia head office in Richmond, the MCG, a huge welcome home function at his former football club in Vermont, and then on Saturday the Ringwood athletics track for more laps.

A massive thank you to Sean and his team for choosing Make-A-Wish, and for inspiring so many along the way!