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Wishes create moments of pure joy for families when they need it most. From a cubby house or puppy wish to becoming a train driver, seeing a unicorn fly or even captaining the Australian cricket team!

Support #24HOPE and help make the impossible possible for sick kids and their families.


An action-packed program

On 28 August, we held our first-ever 24 Hours of Possibility Event with an ambitious target to deliver more life-changing wishes. We were live throughout the day on all our social channels - here's a recap of what happened:

  • 8am - the bell rings to mark the official kick off; tune in to get your morning dose of inspirational wish stories on your commute
  • 9am - our event volunteers go live on the phones; tune in to hear how we sent wish kid Dwayne to the moon!
  • 10am - meet some of our amazing volunteers; it's our first matching hour!
  • 11am - wish puppy hour; meet the dogs of Make-A-Wish
  • 12pm - the world-premiere of Rocco's PAWsome adventure: the movie (well, our 5 min video edit); and it's basketball playoffs, superheroes vs superkids!
  • 1pm - 11-year-old Alec is starting his wish journey today (live cross to Sydney Trains); it's our second hour of wish-matching power!
  • 2pm - phew, time for a mini break as we flashback to some inspirational wish stories. Elsewhere on Facebook Live, come see our balloon room, the office-friendly version of the ball pit
  • 3pm - did someone say good-crafternoon? Watch some special friends of Make-A-Wish get hands on in preparing for a child's wish
  • 4pm - Batman is in the house; hear from travelling wish-makers
  • 5pm - our Possibility Wish Workshop auction closes; we catch-up with Australia's favourite test cricket captain, 7-year-old Archie
  • 6pm - mystery hour
  • 7pm - Q&A with our Wish Designers, ask us anything!
  • 8pm - we'll sign off from Wish HQ; maybe with a song?!
  • 9pm to midnight - relive the highlights online; it's not too late to make a difference

About #24HOPE

Our biggest day of fundraising ever!

Make-A-Wish Australia has been creating life-changing wishes for almost 35 years, but in August we had a wish of our own – to bring our community together; to inspire people around the possibility of a wish; and to raise an ambitious $350,000 in just 24 hours to help sick children all over Australia.

On 28 August, we held our first-ever 24 Hours of Possibility Event and while the tally isn't final yet, we raised an incredible $185,560 by night's end, making it our biggest day on fundraising ever!

We'd would like to thank all the generous donors, supporters and volunteers who got involved.

As a charity that doesn’t receive any government funding, we couldn't do it without you, and the money raised will go a long way towards helping grant even more wishes!

Why 24 Hours of Possibility?

We’re urgently raising funds to support our work with critically ill children all across Australia. With more than 6,500 kids diagnosed each year, and 700 families already taking part in our program, we want to make an even greater impact by reaching more families.

Make the impossible possible

Helping kids like Alec

By supporting #24HOPE, you can help make the impossible possible for kids like Alec.

The 8-year-old has been fascinated by trains all his life, so his wish is no surprise – an amazing train ride experience!

Read Alec's story

Your support goes so much further than a wish... it creates possibility

Your donation gives us the power to make more unicorns dance across the night sky, to find ways to let little boys captain the Australian cricket team and replace memories of endless hospital visits with unforgettable train journeys.

Chris and Jenny are incredible supporters. Read about their unique way of supporting wishes!

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