The wish journey

The wish journey

A wish is not a fleeting gift – it’s a carefully planned journey, designed to complement a child’s medical treatment, and give them the hope, strength and joy they need to fight their illness.

The whole wish journey – from building anticipation to lasting memories – helps build resilience and gives really sick kids the best chance of survival. Families tell us they’ve seen lasting improvements in their child’s emotional and physical health as a result of their wish journey.

Wish capture, wish design, wish anticiapation, wish realisation, wish effect, these are all stages in the Wish Journey

Wish Capture

Make-A-Wish volunteers visit the child to uncover what the child's most cherished wish is.

Wish Coin

Each child is given a wish coin as a promise that their wish will come true. Many kids take their coin to treatment or sleep with it under their pillow.

Wish Design

Every child's imagination is unique so we design each journey to create an extraordinary experience that stays true to the child's cherished wish.

Wish Anticipation

This can be as powerful as the wish itself. It builds the excitement and often provides a welcome distraction from gruelling medical treatment

Wish Realisation

Fulfilling a wish beyond a child's wildest imagination

Wish Impact

The positive impact of a wish lasts long after the wish is granted, and spreads to everyone involved in making the wish come true.