Donating goods and services FAQs

Donating goods and services FAQs


Does it help Make-A-Wish if I donate goods or services?

Many generous supporters like to help grant cherished wishes by donating goods or services. Your in-kind contribution can help make a real and lasting difference to children battling life-threatening medical conditions. Where possible we do our best to make sure that your gift-in-kind will be part of a most cherished wish for a child. In order to accept a gift-in-kind we must be able to connect the gift appropriately to a wish child currently in their journey or to a child who has had their wish granted recently. As we cannot guarantee that your gift will be suited to a wish immediately, we may ask to keep your details on file so that we can use your generous offer down the track.

What sorts of goods and services can Make-A-Wish accept?

  • Concert tickets (must be 2 or more so a child can be accompanied by a parent/guardian)
  • Sport event tickets
  • Gift vouchers (for shopping centres, cinemas, restaurants or online stores, etc)
  • Experiences or tours, e.g. surf lessons, boat rides, helicopter rides (must be with a registered business)
  • Hotel/resort accommodation
  • New computers or computer accessories
  • Signed merchandise
  • Professional services, e.g. face painting, makeup artists, event styling, limousine transport, professional photography, etc.

What sorts of goods and services cannot be accepted by Make-A-Wish?

  • Second-hand goods or toys (unless very appropriate or specific to wish, e.g. signed merchandise)
  • Used furniture
  • Second-hand clothing
  • Medical equipment
  • Joy rides in personal vehicles or on motorbikes that are not registered to a business
  • Firearms or any type of weaponry

Do I need any certification to gift my services if I will be meeting the wish child?

Anyone providing a service in direct contact with wish children must have a valid Working With Children Check or a Blue Card. It is a legal requirement for anyone undertaking any child-related paid or voluntary work in Australia, including work with Make-A-Wish, to have a current WWC Check or Blue Card.

I own my own private boat / motorcycle / race car. Can I take wish children for rides?

We can accept very few gifts of services that are not from registered businesses due to insurance and liability, particularly if the vehicle cannot seat an accompanying parent or guardian. If the offer is a service we need to ensure you are registered and can provide an ABN. You will also need a valid Working With Children Check.

Can I offer services from my catering business?

Yes! We could use your talents for helping out at various community fundraising and volunteer events in the future. Please give our team a call to discuss further: 1800 032 260

I am a children’s entertainer, can I come along to a wish?

Each wish is unique and every child is on a different wish journey so we would have to make sure your entertainment fits in well and is relevant to the child’s wish. We are happy to register your details on file and contact you when an appropriate opportunity comes up. Please give us a call to provide more information. You will need a valid Working With Children Check.

I have some of my kids’ old toys I want to donate. Will Make-A-Wish take them?

Unfortunately due to hygiene reasons and limited storage capacity we cannot accept second hand toys. As each wish is very specific we would source any brand new toys needed to fulfil the child’s most cherished wish. If you would like to hold a garage sale to fundraise for Make-A-Wish you can do so by registering your details on our Fundraising page:

Otherwise, you can donate the toys to a local op shop. We have two “Wishing You Well” op shops in WA where all proceeds go to Make-A-Wish – please contact us for further details.

Can I donate my old wedding dress for a child if they want to dress up or go to a ball?

As every wish is unique and tailored to each child, we cannot accept used clothing to be part of a wish. If you would consider donating the sale of the item to Make-A-Wish, this is a way that you can still help make cherished wishes come true!

I have tickets to an upcoming concert but I can no longer attend. Can I donate the tickets?

Absolutely! We will do our best to provide the tickets to a child who is familiar with the band and if possible, link it to their anticipation of their most cherished wish. The more notice, the better. It can be difficult for our team to contact and arrange transport for a family at short notice so please let us know as soon as possible. Contact us by calling 1800 032 260.

Please note we can only accept 2 or more tickets as children must be accompanied by their parent or guardian at all events. Events must be appropriate for children of 18 years and under.

Who do I contact if I would like to donate goods or services to Make-A-Wish?

Please contact our friendly Supporter Care and Engagement Team on 1800 032 260 or send an email with the details of your offer and contact information to