Declan's wish goes off with a bang!

With amazing support from the AFP, Declan's explosive wish came true!

12-year-old Declan loves adventure. He's a real ‘boy’s boy’ and after spending so much time in hospital battling leukaemia he wanted to do something out of his comfort zone... so he wished to “blow stuff up”!

Declan is now in remission after his 2015 diagnosis with leukaemia, so his wish was a chance to start his recovery journey with a bang.

An extraordinary wish

During his once-in-a-lifetime experience with the Australian Federal Police, Declan got to detonate a wall (at a safe distance, of course!), breach a door, and even had his name spelled out by explosives.

Declan also loves politics so was thrilled when he also got to meet the Prime Minister, Governor General and Police Chief Commissioner during his Canberra visit. He even got to sit in the PM's desk chair!

Declan's wish had an immediate impact

Declan's mum shared, "The wish was everything we imagined and more. Not only did Declan enjoy the weekend, our whole family loved it."

"We have been looking forward to this wish for months and it has been a great distraction from his treatment. You don't realise how important wishes are until you're receiving one." - Declan's mum.

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