Alexia’s inspirational wish to build a well

Alexia is a truly remarkable 16 year old.

Despite her own battle with Hodgkins lymphoma, when it came to making her wish all Alexia wanted was to help others.

She says, "I saw that other kids in hospital were worse off than me, so I didn’t think I needed a wish. Then it suddenly came to me that I could help others, and I knew that I wanted to build a well."

So Alexia wished to build a well.

To make Alexia’s wish come true, Make-A-Wish teamed up with the Red Cross to build three wells in a small town called Uma Berloic in Timor Leste. 



Alexia’s wish changes lives

Because of Alexia, 50 families now have direct access to clean water. Where before they’d walk up to six kilometres, several times a day, to get water – it’s now on their doorstep. It’s life-changing for these families.

Alexia was blown away watching this video which shows the incredible difference she’s made to so many people. And her family? Well, they just couldn’t be more proud of their little humanitarian. 

When I speak about Alexia’s wish, people are so taken aback when they hear that someone with so many of their own challenges could be so selfless,” – Denise, Alexia’s wish coordinator.

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