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Our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Charter

Make-A-Wish Australia is committed to developing a diverse, welcoming, and truly inclusive workplace and community for all. We do so by valuing, celebrating, and embracing our differences, by ensuring that we embed equality, diversity and inclusion in everything that we do.

At Make-A-Wish one of our core values is to bring together a diverse group of people to work together towards a common goal. Our goal is to provide equal access to a wish for every critically ill child, no matter who they are.

To achieve this, we need to fully represent the communities we seek to serve. This is much more than merely being a welcoming organisation. It is about a proactive approach to strengthening the diversity of the organisation and the wider community of volunteers and partners who we work alongside.

To help us achieve this we have established a Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging charter, designed to provide a framework within which we expect everyone associated with Make-A-Wish Australia to act in accordance with.

Within this context we pledge to:

  • Embed the principles of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging across all that we do and proactively address any behaviour that falls outside of these principles.
  • Ensure that the unique diversity of every child drive all that we do but not exclusive to, the nature of their wish journey.
  • Embed the principles of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging within our recruitment processes for staff and volunteers to enable us to proactively reach people who are representative of the children whose wishes we seek to grant.
  • Ensure that all employees, volunteers, supporters, and partners are equipped to play their part in fully supporting the principles of our charter.
  • Continuously seek to learn about and celebrate the diversity of individuals, underrepresented groups and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples whilst reflecting on our own attitudes and values.
  • Create, implement, regularly review, and monitor policies and procedures to ensure that the Make-A-Wish Australia community is actively upholding our standards of behaviour.
  • Provide a trusted, informed, and supportive environment for all members of the Make-A-Wish Australia community to feel safe to express their views without fear of repercussion.

We are already working towards meeting this pledge and will measure and share the progress towards the achievement of every element of the charter.