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A dress up day with a difference! Your school, class or team can make life-changing wishes come true by holding a fundraising day with a difference.

How it works

Super easy to organise and fun to be part of

Register your school or organisation's event - and get instant access to our fundraising toolkit to guarantee your Wear What You Wish Day is a success!

Pick a date and let everyone know to come on the day dressed as what they've always wished to be.

Collect a donation from everyone who takes part - it's a small price to pay for a day of fun and making wishes come true!

Don't forget to bank the funds you raise - every dollar helps create more wishes, which is why your support is so important.

Why dress ups?

When kids dress up, they transform – taking on the powers of their favourite superhero, the bravery of a pirate, or the skills of a star athlete.

In much the same way, focusing on their wish helps sick kids to stop seeing the world through their limitations and start thinking about the possibilities.

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Wish children whose images feature on this page:

Abigail, 6, cystic fibrosis - I wish to go to "Unicornland".
Dwayne, 4, refractory epilepsy - I wish to go to the moon.