Zeb’s wish is inspiring him … 25 years later!

Back in 1991 Zeb was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma – a rare form of cancer that attacks the bones. He was just 10 at the time. 

Zeb was rushed to hospital to start treatment. It was incredibly tough, but one day Zeb’s mum and dad were told about something amazing. There was something that could bring back hope, and inspire joy, during this very difficult time – a cherished wish.

As Zeb was an avid cricket fan, he wanted to meet his heroes in the Australian cricket team. When he found out it was going to come true, nothing could contain his excitement.

“It was like 10 Christmases wrapped into one,” he says. “And I kept on find out that more and more was being added to it. It was going to be much more than just meeting the team. As the wish kept growing, my excitement grew too.”

Howzat! Zeb’s completely bowled over at his wish

When the wish finally came true, it was more than Zeb could’ve ever imagined. Not only did he meet his heroes, but he got to ride in a limo (very exciting for an 11-year-old), and train with the team in the lead up to a world cup match!

“It was truly special,” he reflects. “Even though so much time has passed now, I remember that day better than yesterday.”

A powerful, life-long impact

Almost a quarter of a century has passed since Zeb’s wish was granted, and he’s fit a lot into those years! Zeb’s now a General Manager for a construction company, with two Bachelor’s degrees and two Masters degrees. To this day, he says his wish still inspires him.

“The wish stays with you a lot longer than you think. It restored fairness, and it gave us something to look forward to and something amazingly positive to take away from what was otherwise a pretty ordinary experience.”

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