Veronika’s SEA-riffic wish!

9 year old Veronika wished for a family adventure out at sea. And after two years of anticipation & planning she finally got to set sail!

Veronika is living with Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome. Day to day life can be challenging for Veronika and her family, with endless operations, appointments and hospital stays - but throughout it all Veronika hasn’t stopped fighting.

When thinking about her wish, Veronika had some super specific ideas of what she wanted to do. She wished to...

  • Go on an adventure and NOT to a hospital
  • Fly in a plane
  • Go on a boat with waterslides
  • Get up close with dolphins
  • Wear flowers in her hair
  • And eat lots of chocolate and ice cream too!

Veronika worked really hard for over two years to be well and strong enough to go on her wish. This cheeky 9 year old was really looking forward to checking off every single item on her list!

When the week arrived she had the best time telling everyone who should be next down the waterslide couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.

Veronkika on a waterslide

Veronika was treated like a VIP for her entire wish. She had a crowd gathered on the beach, cheering and clapping for her as she fed the dolphins.

And when the captain heard she was onboard he came straight to their dinner table to spend time with this warrior princess. 

Veronika with the ship captain

"There have only been a handful of weeks in Veronika’s life that we haven’t had the usual 5-6 medical/specialist/therapy appointments each week, and her wish was one of them. We'll be forever grateful,” mum shared.

Since her wish, Veronika has been busy competing in school athletic carnivals, learning to jump, bowling and lots more.

We can't wait to see what this little superstar does next!

Veronika with a cheeky grin


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