Mow mow mow your tractor

Mowing dreaming

Battling Langerhan cell histiocytosis makes physical strength an issue for Bailey, but he hasn’t let that get in the way of helping 'whipper snip, blow and mow' around the garden.

He’s got his own ‘mower’, but his illness made it harder and harder for Bailey to move it on the grass. An imaginative and creative little boy, Bailey loves gardening with his Poppy so much, he even walks around making whipper snipper noises at kindy.

To walk, or drive, in the footsteps of his idol for real, Bailey wished for an electric ride-on lawnmower.

Bailey and pop with the mower

Anticipation phase

In the weeks leading up to his wish Bailey was sent a groundskeeper outfit and a provisional lawn mower licence, plus a matching outfit for Poppy.

These milestones in his wish journey marked the end of a particularly gruelling 14 month period of fighting his critical illness. They also helped to shift Bailey’s focus; he started to realise that something he previously thought was impossible may actually be possible.

‘Baileys wish has helped take the focus off the not so great memories of this past year, and has brought him so much joy and happiness,’ Bailey’s Mum, Carla, shared.

One morning, Bailey had a surprise visit from the local police. They were there to deliver his full lawn mower license and take him on a ride in a real police car.

Bailey surrounded by items he received

Poppy power

Returning home, Bailey discovered his wish had come true, his brand new ride-on electric toy mower had arrived. He’s now finally able to mow next to his Poppy… on the grass by himself!

‘I like my momo because it works on the grass, I wish I had one and my dreams came true,’’ Bailey squealed.

As you can tell from the video, he absolutely loves his mower. And he loves that he gets to “mow” just like his poppy. 

Bailey driving his lawnmower wearing ear protectors

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