A marathon of a wish for Aedan

While dads around the country are enjoying sleep-ins and brekky in bed this Father’s Day, Cameron will be up early, pushing his nine-year-old son Aedan in his wheelchair around their local park.

They're in full training mode for their BIG 42km marathon at the Sydney Running Festival on Sunday 16 September, a key part of Aedan's wish. 

Together with other #TeamAedan runners, they're raising vital funds so that other kids can experience the powerful impact of a wish journey.

Help get them over the finish line as they take on this marathon effort. Show your support by making a donation today.

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Cameron training for the marathon, running while pushing Aedan in his wheelchair


Aedan's story

Aedan was born at 26 weeks. He was just three days old when the signs of the bleed become visually apparent, and five days old when the doctors spoke to his parents. His little head was black from bruising.

“Doctors told us that Aedan had experienced a massive bleed on his brain which could result in a number of medical issues later in his life.

“At the time we really didn't know what to think, we just knew that we were in this together and we would do the best with whatever life threw at us,” Cameron said.  



Aedan smiling with his dad


Father son bond

Despite Aedan now living with autism, seizures, low vision, being partially non-verbal and unable to walk, the family hasn’t slowed down. Aedan and his dad have made a name for themselves as they take part in marathons across the country, and the family are a regular fixture at their local Parkrun.

“Aedan and I just love doing marathons, the long distance and time we get to spend together is something really special to us.

“Aedan in particular enjoys our runs, he loves feeling the wind on his face and getting high fives from our running community as we pass by. He has even been known to put the brakes on when we’re running, to make me work that little bit harder!

“For me, I love being Aedan's legs, helping push him along, seeing the smile on his face,” added Cameron.

Despite the family’s incredible positivity, they still face many challenges that sometimes wear them down. With Aedan needing to spend a lot of time in hospital, Cameron and Donna need to work hard to support him and his sister, Arianna both financially and emotionally.

When we heard about Aedan’s story, we began working hard to try and give some positivity and hope through the power of a wish.


Aedan pushed in his wheelchair through the park with his mum and day


A special Sydney wish

“For Aedan’s wish, we really wanted to participate in the Sydney marathon, and even more than that we wanted to experience all Sydney has to offer and forget for a moment the ongoing challenges we have to deal with as a family around Aedan’s health,” Donna said.

“We are often in and out of hospital with Aedan, which is located four hours from where we live. We spend lots of time apart as a family because we don’t want our daughter, Arianna to feel like she’s missing out on time with her parents, but equally we always want Aedan to have one of us there to support him.”

Aedan’s wish will involve: 

  • his love for different sensations like feeling the breeze on his face as his dad pushes him across Sydney
  • the touch of high fives from other runners 
  • the feel of splashes of water on his face as he ferry rides across the harbour 
  • the rush of wind on a roller coaster!

Throughout the entire wish the family will be together. They won't have to worry about hospital appointments, being separated or anything else, just spending good family time with each other, which is the most important thing.

To get Aedan and his family excited in the lead up to his wish, Aedan will be receiving Sydney Running Festival facts, maps, a race pack, colourful photos and virtual high fives from his #TeamAedan teammates.


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Aedan and his dad be making Aedan’s wish come true when they run at the Sydney Running Festival. Along with the rest of #TeamAedan they'll also be raising vital funds so that other kids can experience the powerful impact of a wish journey.

You can support and join Aedan’s team by making a donation and a virtual high five today.

Support #TeamAedan

Got a place in the event? Find out how you can run for #TeamAedan