Keeley can’t stop talking about her Play School wish

“Our life is full of uncertainty, medical appointments, medications, and general craziness. The wish gave Keeley something else to think about, and something that was entirely just for her,” – Keeley’s mum.

Keeley is 12 and has an intellectual impairment that means she has the mental capacity of a 5-year-old. Her wish was to be made a fuss of on her birthday, and to meet the guys from Play School – in particular Eddie Perfect.

This year Keeley got a special surprise on her birthday. Play School sent her a video message wishing her happy birthday, and saying that they can’t wait to meet her! She was blown away – as was her mum, who sent us this incredible message:

“Keeley is beside herself - she has continued to watch the video approximately 400 times a day since! She has shown everyone she has seen since too. It was all so special!”

Keeley’s perfect day

Play School went above and beyond to create a special wish experience, just for Keeley. She was treated like a true VIP and was invited her to her own private session on the set.

Then the moment Keeley was waiting for happened. Her hero Eddie Perfect came and greeted her with a giant hug before joining the other presenters in singing Keeley’s favourite song, “The wheels on the bus”.

Keeley’s brother also had an important role on the day, and was placed in charge of helping out the camera crew.

It was so nice for all of us to get a break from everyday life, and to share in her genuine excitement and happiness,” says Keeley’s mum.

After the wish

Since her wish came true, Keeley can’t stop talking about it.

“I can’t begin to put into words how happy she was, and continues to be. She is still talking about Eddie and being ‘on Play School’ all day, every day,” says mum. Her doctor was blown away by how much she talked at her last appointment.

“Normally Keeley is very shy and withdrawn, and finds it very hard to speak. But she managed to get her point across: ‘Keeley went to PLAY SCHOOL!!’, ‘Keeley see EDDIE!!’, ‘Eddie gives me big hugs!’

“Thank you Make-A-Wish, from the bottom of our hearts.”

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