Isla catches snowflakes on her wish!

Isla is “4 and 3/4” years old and has battled neuroblastoma since she was two.

Isla became fascinated with the idea of snow after she relapsed. But living in Perth, seeing snow wasn’t so easy.

So Isla wished to see real snow fall, and catch a snowflake on her tongue!

Isla told everyone about her wish

At hospital, Isla would tell all the doctors and nurses about her wish to see snow. It gave her something wonderful to look forward to, and vital strength to keep fighting.

After counting down for weeks, finally there was no more sleeps! Waking up at 4.30am to head to the airport, Isla said “Mummy I’m tired, but I’m not grumpy because I’m going to the snow!”

Isla was wide-eyed as she approached the winter wonderland of Dinner Plain. There was plenty of snow under foot – but the blue skies didn’t look so good for catching snowflakes!

A wish comes true as snowflakes fall

Fortunately the clouds rolled in and Isla’s mum Kelly recalls, “As we were coming down the hill on the toboggan something magic happened. It started to snow nice big snowflakes. It was truly amazing – Isla loved it!”

Isla ventured thousands of kilometres to see snow fall, and the impact will be just as vast. “She wanted to see the snow – and after seeing it falling she’ll conquer anything,” shares Kelly.

“If you donate to Make-A-Wish, thank you! Since the wish Isla looks so much brighter and happier. She has a different glow. You have made a little girl’s dreams come true, and this will stay with her forever.” – Isla’s mum, Kelly.

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