Hayley takes centre stage with The Australian Ballet

When Hayley was 8, she was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, an auto-immune blood disorder that causes bone marrow failure. As her body was not making her own blood cells, for weeks she relied on transfusions to survive, before finally receiving a life-saving bone marrow transplant from her younger brother Jake.

Hayley loves ballet. Dancing is her life, and according to her mum, focusing on dance and her wish kept Hayley going during this tough time.

“Being able to get that strength back is really important to her for ballet and dancing. She’s been like ‘Why do I need to get better? Because I want to go back to dancing!’"

An incredible wish come true

As part of Hayley’s incredible wish, she got to dance with some of the top dancers from The Australian Ballet, and even had a special one-one one class with ballerina Sarah Thompson and the cast from Swan Lake. The Australian Ballet invited Hayley to watch a performance of Swan Lake as a VIP guest, going on a backstage tour before being invited on stage to present the principal dancers with a bouquet of flowers! 

Inspiration for the future

Hayley’s mum believes the wish  is something that will continue to bring Hayley inspiration for years to come: 

“A wish gives your child something to look forward to, something to focus on, and something to really boost their spirits. I know that she’s really thinking about how this will impact her future, and what she can do with this experience.”

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