Move over Tom Cruise... there's a new Top Gun!

Connor is 16 and has pineal germinoma, a type of tumour. For as long as he could remember, he’s wanted to work in the military - so his wish was to have the ultimate air force experience!

According to mum, as soon as Connor found out his wish was going to come true, a sparkle returned to his eye.

“He was so excited. He kept on Googling the base, and he would talk about it non-stop with his brother. It gave him something to focus on, something that was positive and fun, and something that didn’t involve hospitals and needles.”

Connor takes flight

During an action-packed wish experience, Connor got to explore Australia’s main fighter pilot training base, and watched the cadets at their simulated weapon training sessions. And the most exciting part? Connor sat front and centre in a real-life fighter jet!

Watch the video below to see Connor take flight:

Connor’s wish inspires him to pursue his dreams

Connor’s wish was the catalyst for something truly incredible – he’s now even more determined to pursue his dreams!

“His attitude has completely changed. He has a spring in his step, a smile on his face, and he’s refocused back on what he wants to do" says his mum.

“Connor can now take that step forward into the future, into the life and the career that he wants.”

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