Chloe’s wish inspires her to get out and about

Chloe is 7 and has severe cerebral palsy. She loves the garden, but because of her illness it’s not easy for her to play outside. 

“Chloe just wants to do what every other seven year old wants to do,” says her mum. “She’s a bright and happy young girl and at times it’s really hard for her to not be able to join in on things – particularly with her brother and sister.”

So Chloe wished for her own special outdoor haven, where she can play and join in on the fun with her siblings.

Counting sleeps

To give Chloe a sneak peek of what was coming, she was given some photos showing what her new cubby would look like. She was so excited, and started counting down the sleeps until her wish came true!

Inside Chloe's cubby house


The big reveal

When the day arrived and her outdoor haven was revealed, Chloe was overjoyed. She jumped straight onto her swing and has barely been off it since!

“Every time Chloe comes home now she wants to go straight outside to her cubby,” says mum. “She gets her sister pushing her on the swing and she just thinks it’s the best thing.”

Chloe on her swing

An incredible lasting impact

Chloe’s mum has seen the most wonderful effect on her daughter since her wish came true.

“It’s helped her get out and about and play more independently, which makes her happy because she’s a typical seven year old that wants to be outside,” she shares.

“The ongoing happiness it’s brought her, and the joy that it’s brought to our family is incredible. I think all kids like Chloe should have a wish.”

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