Carter’s wish to discover dinosaurs

Carter is a brave seven-year-old battling Burkitt lymphoma, and has boundless enthusiasm for dinosaurs!

While many adults would be hard pressed to smile in the face of six rounds of chemotherapy, Carter would light up playing with Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is hands-down his favourite dinosaur.

A passion for all things prehistoric

“I love dinosaurs and I really want to be an archaeologist,” Carter says.

“I like them because they’re very fast, they’re a bit like me, and they can fly and swim.”

So Carter wished for a dinosaur adventure, and couldn’t contain his excitement when a letter arrived inviting him to the ‘Dinosaur Capital of Australia’!

The trip of a lifetime

Carter and his family ventured to rural Far North Queensland to have the trip of a lifetime along Australia’s world heritage-listed Dinosaur Trail. Hyundai Help For Kids made the ride extra special - organising a car with customised ‘TREX1’ number plates and ‘Carter’s Dino Hunt’ graphics!

Decked out in his junior paleontologist outfit, Carter dug for ‘ancient bones’, which assembled to make his very own one-metre-high skeleton of a T-Rex.

Carter said he had the “best time EVER” on his wish, and while dinosaurs may be extinct, Carter’s joy from his incredible wish will live on and on.

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