Archie’s cubby comes with a clucky surprise!

Five-year-old Archie spent a good part of his young life battling neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer. It meant over 18 months of long hospital stays, tests, treatment and side effects – all of which took their toll on Archie and his family.

But Archie had something pretty incredible to focus on throughout his illness – knowing his wish would come true!


An egg-cellent idea

Archie’s imagination really shone through when he made his very specific wish: for a blue cubby house, complete with two new friendly chickens in a coop underneath!

Archie’s wish gave him something to look forward to while he went through his treatment. He even chose the names of his chickens months in advance, calling one Rosie after an aunt’s much-loved chook, and the other Nurse Lizzie after his favourite nurse at hospital.

"When we discussed the names, he said, 'I don't know if we should call it a nurse because then she'll feel like she has to look after the other chicken', so to her face we'll call her Lizzie so she's under no pressure," remembered Archie’s mum Claire.

The day finally arrived, and Make-A-Wish surprised Archie with a ride in a red Ferrari (his favourite type of car!) while the finishing touches were made to his exciting backyard addition. Archie was absolutely thrilled when he arrived home to see his very own cubby house and new feathery friends!


A clucky charm!

For his family, his wish coming true marked the beginning of a brighter future, full of many more joyful memories.

"It’s amazing where he has been and how far he’s come. He's been through the worst of his disease and treatment and now this is a positive, a celebration."

As for Archie, he’s looking forward to an exciting future with Rosie and Lizzie, and even wants to use their eggs to cook breakfast for his family! "I like chickens because then you don't need to go to the shops and buy eggs," said Archie


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