Kael's super wish comes true

Four-year-old Kael captured the hearts of the nation when his wish to meet his favourite superheroes came true. Kael's cherished wish was to meet his favourite superheroes, an incredibly fitting wish as he needs ongoing superhero strength for his fight with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Wishes have an impact from the moment children like Kael start imagining what their wish might be. Knowing his wish was going to come true has been a weapon for Kael, getting him through his treatment and giving him strength to keep battling through the tough days.

A super transformation!

The journey to his wish coming true was made more exciting for Kael when he learned that he wasn’t just going to meet superheroes – he was going to become one too! Batman was called in to run ‘superhero training’ for Kael, passing on some top secret superhero moves to prepare him for wish day.

By chance, Kael’s wish came true in time for World Wish Day, the anniversary of the first Make-A-Wish wish ever granted. The Batmobile picked Kael up and they zoomed through the Gold Coast – a super start to the day.

A hero's quest

On his way to becoming a real superhero, Kael was tasked with a number of superhero challenges – including tracking down the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a pizza feast and earning his superhero driving licence.After each challenge he was presented with another item for his very own superhero outfit. With all super challenges complete, he now had a mask, cuffs, belt and a ‘K’ shield. A custom made cape featuring touching supporter messages was the final and most special piece of the super puzzle, officially completing the transformation into our newest superhero – Super Kael!

The day culminated with Kael meeting all his favourite superheroes at Movie World – with Batman taking an excited Kael under his wing. Kael didn’t waste any time showing the bad guys who’s boss. When he spotted the Joker in the Movie World parade, Kael held up his shield and shouted “Joker you’re going DOWN!”

The superpower of a wish

The power of a wish was clear to see for Kael and his whole family, throughout this super day, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Kael kept saying over and over “This is the best day EVER”.