A cherished companion for Hannah

Hannah had a very specific wish list – with a puppy at the top!

Hannah is just like any other teenage girl. She loves music, going shopping – and spends lots of time doing her hair and makeup! But unlike most teenage girls, Hannah has been facing a life-threatening battle: leukaemia.

A devastating diagnosis

Hannah was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in August 2013. In the beginning, she didn’t fully understand what this meant for her and her family. “It was only after weeks of working closely with her doctors that she began to come to terms with how sick she really was,” explains Hannah’s mum. The diagnosis was devastating for the whole family – but Hannah was determined to be well again. After months of tests, scans and painful treatment, Hannah knew she had something very special to look forward to – her wish.

 Life-threatening illnesses don’t just take a physical toll – and after spending so much time apart from her family and friends, all Hannah wanted was a companion. Someone special to come home to; a friend when she’s feeling down. Hannah chose her wish carefully. She wanted a female, caramel Shih Tzu to love and cherish. To make sure she had everything she needed for the new arrival, she also wished for a jacket to keep it warm, a dog bed, donut treats – and a tutu!

A special delivery

With the help of our friends at Hyundai Help for Kids, Make-A-Wish volunteers delivered Coco the Shih Tzu in true VIP style. It was love at first sight for Hannah and Coco, who straight away began playing and chasing each other – before unwrapping all the treats! Hannah and Coco curl up together every night, and have just started puppy school. Hannah is now well and on maintenance therapy.

The power of a wish 

For children like Hannah, wishes are so much more than just a moment of happiness.

“Having a child with a life-threatening illness changes everything. Make-A-Wish gives children so much happiness and creates life-long memories for a sick child and their family. It means more than words can ever say.”  
– Hannah’s mum.