The Wish Force breathe fire into Milla's wish

The Wish Force breathe fire into Milla's wish

Milla's amazing imagination

Milla, 11, battling spinal low grade glioma, has told us her amazing wish is to ride a shiny, midnight blue, fire breathing dragon with her friends.

Thankfully we have you on hand, our creative Wish Force, to come to the rescue! When we put out a call for help on Facebook, our Wish Force was ready and waiting with a wave of inspirational ideas to help design this magical wish.

The wish team looking stressed and anxious about this huge wish!

The wish force is on fire!

We've already received amazing suggestions like:

  • - Training Milla to be a dragon handler, with a dragon from the Adelaide Christmas Pageant
  • - Using augmented and virtual reality technology to provide a fully immersive and mythical experience for Milla
  • - Creating films with special effects so Milla can watch her dragon fly
  • - Contacting amazing companies like Cirque du Soleil and Creature Technology Company (who did the incredible ‘Walking with dinosaurs exhibition’)...
  • ...And even dragon shaped rollercoasters and hot air balloons!
Screenshot of lots of comments through facebook

Next steps - Share your ideas! 

Our team are now hard at work on the wish design, and the next step will be looking at the wish anticipation activities that we can craft with our volunteers. This will help keep Milla inspired by her wish through the toughest moments of her treatment.

Share your ideas with us! Simply fill in the form below.