We love our volunteers!

We love our volunteers!

We always love to recognise the efforts of all the different volunteers that make up our #WishForce, and National Volunteer Week is another great reason for us to dial up the thank yous.

As an integral part of our #WishForce, most of our volunteers are based in branches around the country helping make the impossible possible for really sick kids.

Michelle’s been volunteering at our Bayside branch in Victoria for three and a half years. Throughout this time has participated in some amazing fundraising activities, including walking herself on treks of the Great Wall of China and the Kokoda trail, fundraising with every step. What incredible achievements!

Michelle has also been instrumental in pulling together the past three Bayside/Melbourne Gala Balls as well as heaps of branch events. These events and activities are always fun for our generous volunteers and the local community, but also make a huge difference to kids around Australia with the money they raise to create life-changing wishes.

Being part of our #WishForce is just one of the many hats Michelle wears. A champion multitasker, Michelle is also married, has two children and works full time for the National Australia Bank (NAB). She even facilitated what turned out to be a successful NAB community grant application, winning $10,000 in funding for Make-A-Wish!

Michelle offers a huge amount of encouragement and support to other branch volunteers and is a great example of how fundraising for Make-A-Wish can be varied, fun and even take you around the world!

Michelle shares some of her favourite fundraising memories

Q: Tell us about yourself

A: Outside of Make-A-Wish I am married with two daughters. My eldest daughter is actually in the process of becoming a volunteer herself!

As part of my fundraising activities for Make-A-Wish, I've experienced the wonders of the Great Wall of China and I’ve just recently conquered my latest challenge of completing the Kokoda track. This was with a group of amazing and motivated people, all supporting fantastic charities including Make-A-Wish.

Q: What made you join the #WishForce?

A: I first joined Make-A-Wish as I wanted to join a charity that I had no previous connection to (e.g. friends, family or past experience), and also one that supported sick children as I am lucky to have two gorgeous and healthy girls of my own.

Q: What have you loved about your role in the #WishForce?

A: Over the past three years I’ve been fortunate to work with members of both the Bayside and Melbourne volunteer branches in organising the annual gala ball, which has turned into one of my favourite fundraising events. Although it was a lot of hard work, the teamwork was incredible and we all felt extremely proud of our achievement.

The variety of ways we can fundraise and the opportunity to work with the community in supporting a worthy cause is part of what makes fundraising for Make-A-Wish so appealing.

Q: What’s your advice for other members of the #WishForce?

A: When it comes to other volunteers who want to get involved in fundraising, think outside the square and start small - sometimes the simplest ideas are the most profitable!

Q: What keeps you volunteering?

A: Make-A-Wish is an important part of my life as it's given me the opportunity to work with a great bunch of people.. It's really rewarding, especially when we host events in our local community and promote the power of wishes.

What keeps me volunteering? Meeting the wonderful wish kids and their amazing families and seeing the difference that we make in their lives.


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