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Puppies are always a popular wish choice - in 2019 we had 20 of them! Each of these wishes were as unique as the child who imagined them. But there are some things they usually have in common - to enjoy the companionship, support, fun and love that only a best friend provides.

By supporting this wish type, you'll be helping us to give wish kids the best friend they need to support them through the challenges of their illness.

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Create joy when you give $10 for toys a wish child can use to play with their pup

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Each year, 6,500 Australian children are diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. By gifting a wish, you’re helping us achieve our 2020 wish list, with every dollar raised bringing us a step closer to granting wishes for the 700 kids currently on their Wish Journey.

As a charity that doesn't receive any government funding, your tax-deductible donation will be used where the need is greatest - while your gift may contribute towards items for a child's superhero or princess wish, it can also help with creating the many hundreds of Wish Journeys delivered each year.