Light Up for Hannah this February

Hannah loves lights. While her wish is on hold, you can help bring the lights to her! Spread hope and joy to Hannah by posting a picture of light to social.

What can you do for Hannah?

We’ll share your pics and video with Hannah and her family, and some of our favourites through social too!

Step 1

Glow sticks, fairy lights, torches, nightlights… use your creativity to take a picture or video that captures light. You can be in it, or not – up to you! (Pet involvement encouraged of course.)

Step 2

Post to your social. Don’t forget to tag @MakeAWishAust and #LightUpForHannah

Step 3

Share with friends and encourage them to light up too!

Don’t forget to tag @MakeAWishAust and #LightUpForHannah

About Hannah

Hannah is the little girl born with half a heart. Yet she's also full of heart and courage, having overcome four open-heart surgeries in just 7 years.

Diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome – which meant the left side of her heart literally didn’t form - and she required three open heart surgeries in her first year, the first one at just 36 hours of age.

After 155 days in hospital, Hannah finally came home. But her parents noticed her development was slow. In 2017, aged 5, Hannah was diagnosed with the rare Ayme-Gripp syndrome, which means she can't hear or speak, is vision-impaired and has an intellectual disability.

Hannah LOVES light, particularly when they flash on and off.

Hannah's wish is to go to Sydney to see the world's largest festival of light, music and ideas, called Vivid Sydney. Hannah's wish is one of many wishes currently on hold, with Vivid 2020 postponed due to COVID-19.

You can help bring the lights to Hannah by taking part in Light Up For Hannah.

Blooms The Chemist lights up

Thank you to Blooms The Chemist for their help with Hannah’s wish. Their stores have been lighting up across the country in 2021 and are supporting a unique light show at her home in preparation for her wish.

We’re proud to partner with Blooms The Chemist. Since 2016 their amazing staff and customers have raised an incredible $1million!