Our office volunteers help take care of business!

Our office volunteers help take care of business!

Volunteering at Make-A-Wish takes so many forms. In celebration of National Volunteer Week we’re sharing how grateful we are for all the different volunteers that make up our #WishForce.

Courtney volunteered at the Make-A-Wish office in Melbourne for a year and a half while studying. And we’re very excited to share that she has just got a full time job in her chosen field.

Before heading off in her great new role, Courtney shared her office volunteer experience

Q: What do you do at Make-A-Wish?

A: My name is Courtney and I’m 23 years old. I moved to Melbourne from Mildura in 2013 when I started uni. I’m an office volunteer at Make-A-Wish, where I assist the Brand and Communications team. I come in once or twice a week and perform a mix of general administration and communications tasks. These can range from drafting press releases, writing and uploading web content/social posts, and occasionally miscellaneous tasks to help make wishes come true!

I am currently completing my Masters in Marketing, and have just started part time work as a Marketing Assistant. Volunteering at Make-A-Wish was actually my first professional pursuit in the industry. Make-A-Wish stood out to me because I’d heard of the brand and their amazing work before. Make-A-Wish also has this creative element to it that really attracted me as opposed to other corporate environments. I wanted to try and do something a little bit different and also challenge myself to gain experience in the workplace while finishing my degree.

Q: What have you learnt since joining our #WishForce?

A: Make-A-Wish has given me so much confidence in my ability and skills, the support I’ve received has been so wonderful in exciting me to enter into the next stage of my career. I’ve been able to make connections with people from a wide range of roles, and it’s really helped me learn more about what I’d like to do in the future.

The skills and tips I’ve learned from some of the senior staff here have been absolutely priceless, and I have learned something new every single day. These are skills I’ve been able to apply in my new job, and have given me confidence in the workplace.

Q: What’s been the highlight of being a part of the #WishForce?

A: The best part has been seeing up close the impact that the wishes have, on not just the kids but also their families. I’ve loved finding out more about how the creative process works as well; seeing a wish go from an idea to actual reality.

I definitely recommend it (volunteering with Make-A-Wish), especially for younger people who might be finishing their studies and unsure of what they want to do next. Make-A-Wish is such a welcoming organisation, and has a big community feel to it. There is also such a wide range of volunteer roles to get involved with, so there is something to suit everyone no matter how much or little experience you have!


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