Help us make a wish come true!

Thank you for jumping on board and kick-starting Dylan's Wish Journey! You can show your support and spread the word about #SuperDylan and his wish to defeat the Ice Man using our toolkit below. It's easy - you can make videos and images for Dylan or you can just copy and paste our messaging below and share with your networks.

The story so far

A 'Super Wish'

Dylan is an amazing 12 year old from Perth who has septo-optic dysplasia and has wished to be a superhero and save Perth Airport from the Iceman.

Dylan loves his friends and family and is a natural protector. It was no surprise to his mum that his greatest wish was to save people.

Dylan is going to be going on a great adventure to defeat the Iceman. A villain who is moving across Australia freezing people along the way.


We need your help!

To show Dylan what Ice Man has been up to, we need to pull together lots of examples of people frozen. Whether it’s in your workplace, your school, your family or out at an event we would love to see your videos (like this one!) and images of people frozen!

If you don’t fancy being frozen you can show your support for Dylan by taking a snap holding a poster (either use the one in this kit or make your own!).

Downloadable assets

Dylans Wish Social Media Cover
Dylans Wish Posters A4
Dylans Wish Posters A3

Social posts

Share on social

We want to show as much support as we can for Dylan’s wish so be sure to look out for our posts in the run-up to Dylan’s wish

We would love your network to hear about Dylan’s wish so show your support through your own channel if you can!

Suggested Posts

  • Have you heard? Iceman is on the loose! He’s freezing people and only a very special wish child can save us. To find out more about iceman visit: @makeawishaust #superDylan
  • Go #superDylan! Only you can save us from the Iceman! To find out more about iceman visit: @makeawishaust #superDylan
  • Iceman froze us! Only you can save us #superDylan! To find out more about iceman visit: @makeawishaust

Use these posts with the posters above, or even take your own. You could create your own homemade signs saying #SuperDylan or “Follow Make-A-Wish”.

Filming tips

  • Hold your phone on its side, so that video is landscape.
  • Start your video with people acting normally and then freeze
  • If you have time, make a second video of yourselves ‘unfrozen’ saying thank you to Dylan so that he knows he’s saved everybody once the wish is over.
  • Upload your video online here
  • Upload it onto your own social channels to convince your friends to show their support for Dylan too!

(Tag us at @makeawishaust and we’ll make sure to like your posts)

Photography tips

  • Hold your phone on the side so the images are landscape
  • Freeze in a funny position and take a couple of snaps
  • If you’d rather show your support by holding up a poster make sure you give Dylan your biggest smile.
  • Upload your photo online here
  • Upload it to your own channels too to convince your friends to get behind Dylan’s wish too. (Tag us at @makeawishaust and we’ll make sure to like your posts)

Add a Facebook Frame

Update your Facebook profile picture with our #SuperDylan Facebook frame. It's easy!

1. Go to
2. Search for a frame by entering the frame's name “#superdylan”
3. Choose the frame you want to use from the results.
4. Click 'Use as Profile Picture'.