Make-A-Wish moneybox

Make-A-Wish moneybox

Your small change can make a big difference, with a Make-A-Wish moneybox. Simply fill up your moneybox with any loose change and your spare coins will help give the healing power of a wish.

Be a superhero for really sick kids, like Kael

At just four years old, Kael is in need of a superhero. He’s facing a long and exhausting treatment cycle for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: three more years of needles, hospitals, nausea and pain.

Worst of all for Kael, that’s three more years he won’t be able to go and visit his beloved Grandma who lives overseas.

But Kael has a plan! He has a moneybox to collect as many coins as he can so he can go and see his Grandma as soon as he’s better. YOU can become a real-life superhero today.

Make life-changing wishes come true, with a Make-A-Wish moneybox.

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