Help make the impossible possible

Volunteer for Make-A-Wish

By volunteering you can gain new skills, make new friends and have fun, all while enjoying the sense of reward that comes from making a difference and knowing you're helping to give the healing power of a wish to children and teens battling serious illness.

Regular Giving

By giving monthly you will help to support the entire wish journey for children who are battling life threatening illnesses. Your regular donation will help make sure that Make-A-Wish is always there, giving hope strength and joy to a child and their family throughout every hospital visit and difficult day.

Small change can make a big difference!

Your small change can make a big difference, with a Make-A-Wish moneybox. Simply fill up your moneybox with any loose change and your spare coins will help give the healing power of a wish.

Apply for a wish

We believe wishes have healing power. If you know a child facing a life-threatening medical condition find out how you can make an application for a wish.

Workplace Giving

Our Wishes at Work program is an efficient and rewarding way to support us to make wishes come true.

100 Club

By joining the 100 Club, your business will be helping us reach more of the 2,000 really sick kids and teens diagnosed with a serious illness around the country each year.

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