Jarvis's story

Jarvis has spent so long fighting cancer, he’s almost forgotten what it’s like to be a kid.

Diagnosed on Christmas Eve, Jarvis and his family have been through some tough times. His wish will give him the chance to escape the world of hospital and treatment, and be a kid again.

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“He’d be crying and saying ‘please don’t take me to hospital.’ He was old enough to know what was coming.” Ben, Jarvis's dad

Something wasn't right

It was only a couple of days before Christmas when Jarvis’s parents took him to the GP. He’d been out of sorts, lethargic and falling asleep all the time, and they’d noticed bruises on his legs that weren’t healing.

On Christmas Eve, they heard the devastating diagnosis – Jarvis had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, a type of cancer which affects the blood and bone marrow.

It’s the news no family wants to hear at any time, let alone on Christmas Eve.


Jarvis unwrapping Christmas presents


Gruelling daily treatment

Jarvis started chemotherapy that same day, meaning that the entire family – and Christmas – was moved to the hospital as their world was turned upside down.

In the months that followed, Jarvis was on an intense course of treatment including daily chemotherapy and high dose steroids, leaving him listless and withdrawn. 

“There was a day when he literally sat in a chair and stared out the window and didn’t move for 12 hours. He had no energy, no inclination to do anything.” Ben, Jarvis's dad

Jarvis missed out on so much because of his treatment. While other kids were running around playing, swimming or climbing trees, Jarvis was in and out of hospital.

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Jarvis in a hospital bed


His special wish

As a keen reader Jarvis has wished for something very special – a treehouse, just like the one in his favourite book.

Jarvis has a very clear design in mind: 

  • It must be at least two-storey.
  • It should come complete with a rock climbing wall.
  • There must be a flying fox!

His treehouse will be his very own retreat, a place he can go to escape the world of hospitals and be a kid again.  

"I think really what he wants is a space – a space that’s a bit of a challenge, a bit private and somewhere he can go and just be a 7 year old away from mum and dad." Ben, Jarvis's dad


Jarvis's treehouse design


It’s going to be amazing, and something he can really look forward to. But we need your help to make it happen.


Every year more than 2000 children in Australia get diagnosed with a life-threatening illness

For every single one of them, their happiness is put on hold while they focus on beating their illness and getting well again. That's why a wish is so important - it gives a child something fun to focus on and escape the world of hospitals and treatments.

We don't receive any government funding to make wishes come true. You can help more critically ill kids like Jarvis get a wish by donating.

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