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Audrey, 5, fighting eye cancer, wishes to launch a rocket to snowy mountains


If you have any questions about Make-A-Wish you can find answers to our frequently asked questions right here.
Questions and Answers: 

Who is Make-A-Wish?

We're over 1,100 dedicated volunteers and 50 staff across Australia who are working hard to make wishes come true for kids battling critical illness.

For over 30 years, we've been the only charity in Australia solely focused on granting bespoke, life-changing wishes.

How did Make-A-Wish begin?

Make-A-Wish started in the United States in 1980. It grew from the wish of a young boy, Christopher Greicius, who had leukaemia and wanted to be a policeman. His wish came true and he became an honorary member of the Arizona state troopers. Christopher’s wish brought so much joy to everyone involved; so much so that his family and the key people who made his wish come true were inspired to help other kids fighting for their health. What they created, Make-A-Wish, has now become the largest global children’s charity solely focused on wish granting.

In 1985, Make-A-Wish arrived in Australia. The very first wish to come true Down Under was for 16-year old Shawn from Melbourne, who wished to see his favourite football team live in action. Over 30 years later, we’re proud that together with our #WishForce over 9,500 wishes have come true for really sick kids around the country.

How many countries does Make-A-Wish work in?

Make-A-Wish makes wishes come true in more than 50 countries on five continents through over 40 affiliate organisations. You can find out more about what is happening on a global scale on the Make-A-Wish Foundation International website.

All donations made to Make-A-Wish within Australia are used to make wishes come true right here at home.

Does Make-A-Wish have any political or religious affiliations?

We provide assistance to all kids battling critical illness who are eligible and we do not have any political or religious affiliations.

How are programs funded?

Thanks to you! We’re only able to continue to make wishes come true thanks to the wonderful support and generosity of local communities, individuals and business partners along with our incredible network of volunteers. Make-A-Wish receives no ongoing government funding.

How do I contact customer services?

We’re always happy to chat, help you with your queries and share more about the great work we do thanks to your support.

You can get in touch with us in a few ways: by phone on 1800 032 260 between 8:30am – 5:30pm AEST Monday to Friday, by email on enquiries@makeawish.org.au, by post at PO Box 5006, Burnley, VIC, 3121, or by messaging us via any of our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter).

How do I update my contact details?

It's easy.

Give us a call on 1800 032 260 or email us at enquiries@makeawish.org.au

Where can I see your privacy policy?

We're committed to protecting the privacy of individuals. Find out more by reading our Privacy Policy.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, Make-A-Wish is a registered charity and all donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.

Can I choose where or how my donation is used?

All donations made to Make-A-Wish Australia help make wishes come true for all the eligible children who have applied for a wish in Australia. We do not allocate donations to specific children or areas. This ensures donations are fairly distributed to make all wishes come true and no particular children or areas are disadvantaged.

Can I donate goods rather than money?

Many generous supporters help make wishes come true by donating goods or services. Where possible we do our best to make sure that any gift-in-kind donations will be part of a wish child’s unique wish journey. We can't always guarantee that your gift will be suited to a wish immediately so we may ask to keep your details on file so we can make use of your generous offer down the track.

If you have any ideas about items you would like to donate, contact us on 1800 032 260 between 8:30am – 5:30pm AEST Monday to Friday, or by email via enquiries@makeawish.org.au, or by post at PO Box 5006, Burnley, VIC, 3121.

Find out more about gifts-in-kind on our donating goods and services FAQ page.

How can I donate if I don’t have a credit card?

You can make a donation via direct debit or BPAY from your bank account using the following details: Make-A-Wish Australia, BSB: 063105, account: 00901773, or by using BPAY Biller code: 113993.

Please include your supporter reference number so we can easily identify your donation and arrange for a receipt to be sent out to you. If you do not know your supporter number please contact our Supporter Care Team on 1800 032 260.

I’m concerned about providing my details over the phone.

Giving your details over the phone is secure. Your details are entered into a secure system with card details encrypted in our database.

Where can I send a cheque or money order?

You can send mail to Make-A-Wish Australia, PO Box 5006, Burnley, VIC, 3121.

Please keep in mind we can only accept cheques for one-off donations. For regular monthly donations we do require a credit card or direct debit.

What is Regular Giving?

Regular Giving is support from donors who choose to donate regularly, usually monthly.

Why is Regular Giving important?

Regular donations are critical. They help us plan for the future so we can confidently promise children that their wish will come true. They are low cost to process so the maximum amount of funds go directly to making wishes come true.

Can I sponsor a child? How do I sponsor a child?

Make-A-Wish does not offer child sponsorship. By making a monthly donation, you'll be helping make wishes come true for really sick kids in Australia who are currently in need of a wish.

Am I locked into a contract for Regular Giving?

There is no fixed term that you need to sign up to. It's an ongoing agreement until you let us know otherwise.

I have a new credit card number. How can I update my Regular Gift?

The easiest way to make any changes to a credit or debit card is to phone us on 1800 032 260. For security reasons we can’t update your card details over email or through our website.

How do I change the amount I donate or the date I am debited?

Just contact our Supporter Care Team on 1800 032 260 or email regulargiving@makeawish.org.au for any changes.

What are the terms of my Regular Gift?

The terms of your Regular Gift can be found here.

If you have any questions or want to request a copy of it, contact our Supporter Care Team on 1800 032 260 or email regulargiving@makeawish.org.au

How do I access my tax invoice?

A copy of your consolidated tax receipt will be mailed or emailed to you after the end of the current financial year.

If you don't receive your tax receipt or would like another copy, contact our Supporter Care Team on 1800 032 260.

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Jackson riding in a race car

Jackson, 7, fighting acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, wished to be a racing car driver.

Donating goods and services FAQs

How do I donate goods and services to Make-A-Wish?
Questions and Answers: 

Does it help Make-A-Wish if I donate goods or services?

Many generous supporters like to help grant cherished wishes by donating goods or services. Your in-kind contribution can help make a real and lasting difference to children battling life-threatening medical conditions. Where possible we do our best to make sure that your gift-in-kind will be part of a most cherished wish for a child. In order to accept a gift-in-kind we must be able to connect the gift appropriately to a wish child currently in their journey or to a child who has had their wish granted recently. As we cannot guarantee that your gift will be suited to a wish immediately, we may ask to keep your details on file so that we can use your generous offer down the track.

What sorts of goods and services can Make-A-Wish accept?

  • Concert tickets (must be 2 or more so a child can be accompanied by a parent/guardian)
  • Sport event tickets
  • Gift vouchers (for shopping centres, cinemas, restaurants or online stores, etc)
  • Experiences or tours, e.g. surf lessons, boat rides, helicopter rides (must be with a registered business)
  • Hotel/resort accommodation
  • New computers or computer accessories
  • Signed merchandise
  • Professional services, e.g. face painting, makeup artists, event styling, limousine transport, professional photography, etc.

What sorts of goods and services cannot be accepted by Make-A-Wish?

  • Second-hand goods or toys (unless very appropriate or specific to wish, e.g. signed merchandise)
  • Used furniture
  • Second-hand clothing
  • Medical equipment
  • Joy rides in personal vehicles or on motorbikes that are not registered to a business
  • Firearms or any type of weaponry

Do I need any certification to gift my services if I will be meeting the wish child?

Anyone providing a service in direct contact with wish children must have a valid Working With Children Check or a Blue Card. It is a legal requirement for anyone undertaking any child-related paid or voluntary work in Australia, including work with Make-A-Wish, to have a current WWC Check or Blue Card.

I own my own private boat / motorcycle / race car. Can I take wish children for rides?

We can accept very few gifts of services that are not from registered businesses due to insurance and liability, particularly if the vehicle cannot seat an accompanying parent or guardian. If the offer is a service we need to ensure you are registered and can provide an ABN. You will also need a valid Working With Children Check.

Can I offer services from my catering business?

Yes! We could use your talents for helping out at various community fundraising and volunteer events in the future. Please give our team a call to discuss further: 1800 032 260

I am a children’s entertainer, can I come along to a wish?

Each wish is unique and every child is on a different wish journey so we would have to make sure your entertainment fits in well and is relevant to the child’s wish. We are happy to register your details on file and contact you when an appropriate opportunity comes up. Please give us a call to provide more information. You will need a valid Working With Children Check.

I have some of my kids’ old toys I want to donate. Will Make-A-Wish take them?

Unfortunately due to hygiene reasons and limited storage capacity we cannot accept second hand toys. As each wish is very specific we would source any brand new toys needed to fulfil the child’s most cherished wish. If you would like to hold a garage sale to fundraise for Make-A-Wish you can do so by registering your details on our Fundraising page:


Otherwise, you can donate the toys to a local op shop. We have two “Wishing You Well” op shops in WA where all proceeds go to Make-A-Wish – please contact us for further details.

Can I donate my old wedding dress for a child if they want to dress up or go to a ball?

As every wish is unique and tailored to each child, we cannot accept used clothing to be part of a wish. If you would consider donating the sale of the item to Make-A-Wish, this is a way that you can still help make cherished wishes come true!

I have tickets to an upcoming concert but I can no longer attend. Can I donate the tickets?

Absolutely! We will do our best to provide the tickets to a child who is familiar with the band and if possible, link it to their anticipation of their most cherished wish. The more notice, the better. It can be difficult for our team to contact and arrange transport for a family at short notice so please let us know as soon as possible. Contact us by calling 1800 032 260.

Please note we can only accept 2 or more tickets as children must be accompanied by their parent or guardian at all events. Events must be appropriate for children of 18 years and under.

Who do I contact if I would like to donate goods or services to Make-A-Wish?

Please contact our friendly Supporter Care and Engagement Team on 1800 032 260 or send an email with the details of your offer and contact information to donations@makeawish.org.au

Child Safety

Make-A-Wish Australia is committed to safeguarding children and young people, always acting in their best interests to keep them safe.

We actively work to provide an environment where all children/young people, regardless of race, culture, religion, or ability, feel empowered to unlock their imaginations to discover their own unique cherished wish in a world free from limitations and judgement. We have zero tolerance for child abuse, and consider any form, inclusive of emotional, physical, sexual abuse or neglect, as intolerable under any circumstances.

Make-A-Wish Australia has a legal and moral responsibility to protect children and young people from harm and to ensure that any incidents of suspected child abuse are promptly and appropriately dealt with.

If you have any questions or concerns about our child safety practices please contact us on 1800 032 260 and ask to speak to a Child Protection Officer.

100 Club Registration

Funds raised by 100 Club members will help give seriously ill kids and teens hope for the future, strength to face the challenges of their illness, and joy from their incredible wish experience. 

Thank you for your enquiry, a member of our team will be in touch to complete your registration.

Book Week 2016 Registration

Funds raised during Book Week 2016 will help give seriously ill kids and teens hope for the future, strength to face the challenges of their illness, and joy from their incredible wish experience. 

You’ll receive an email from us shortly giving you access to promotional tools to help get the word out about your fundraising and promote participation.

Thank you for registering your school to be part of our Wish Force; an incredible community helping us to make vital wishes come true.

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Annual Reviews

2017 Annual Review

2017 was a milestone year for Make-A-Wish, as we celebrated supporting more children and teenagers on their wish journey than ever before! A huge thank you to our entire Wish Force, from volunteers, supporters, and the general public, to staff, business partners and Board.

2017 Financial Report

2016 Annual Review

The January - August 2016 Annual Review is shorter than usual, as Make-A-Wish International has requested reporting periods be aligned around the world. We continue to progress to the half way point of our 10 year strategic plan, to grant 1,000 great wishes each year with a sustainable approach.

2016 Financial Report

2015 Annual Review

The 2015 Make-A-Wish Australia Annual Review celebrates 30 years of making life-changing wishes come true in Australia. Read about some of the incredible wishes from the past three decades – including the very first wish – and find out how 2015 was a wonderful year of ‘mosts’ as we continued to deliver against our five year strategic plan.

2015 Financial Report

2014 Annual Review

The 2014 Make-A-Wish Australia Annual Review celebrates the incredible healing power of our wishes. Read about how our wishes are positively impacting children, families and communities around Australia – and how, through a new strategic plan, we’re on track to help more seriously ill children and their families than ever.

2014 Financial Report




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Our history

The very first Australian wish was granted in 1985 to 16 year old Shawn from Footscray, Melbourne, who wished to see his favourite footy team in action. Shawn’s wish had an incredible ripple effect. It inspired those involved to bring the healing power of a wish to other very sick kids and teens – and soon, more and more people became involved. And so Make-A-Wish Australia was born! From a single wish, hope, strength and joy has since been, and continues to be, delivered to thousands of children and families around the country.

Ambassadors meeting wish kids and helping at Caltex Starmart Wish Drive 2014

Celebrity Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are a carefully selected group of high-profile individuals committed to sharing the Make-A-Wish story, and supporting the work we do. Our ambassadors help Make-A-Wish by meeting with wish children, sharing our story in the media, speaking on our behalf, supporting our campaigns and, of course, granting wishes!

Robyn Moore - National Patron

Robyn Moore is a national patron and dedicated volunteer for Make-A-Wish Australia, but best known as the voice of Australia’s favourite talking koala, Blinky Bill.

Melissa Doyle - National Patron

Melissa Doyle is an experienced journalist, television presenter, author, and a proud national patron of Make-A-Wish.

Samantha Harris

Discovered as a model at a young age, Samantha Harris has forged an expansive career within the fashion industry both globally and in Australia. In 2016, Samantha was invited to be involved in the wish of 13 year old Bella, and was so inspired that she's now joined us to help wishes come true for really sick kids all over Australia.

Curtis Stone

Curtis is an author and presenter of the globally successful cooking/lifestyle program, 'Surfing the Menu', and has one of America's most popular reality/cooking shows titled, 'Take Home Chef'. Curtis’ support of Make-A-Wish dates back to 2007 when he presented a magical cooking wish.

Harrison Craig

The talented Harrison Craig is an Australian singer who won the second series of The Voice, coached in the program by British singer Seal. To date, three of Harrison’s songs have featured in the top 10 ARIA singles chart – with more to come we’re sure!

Fraser Ross

McLaren racing car driver Fraser Ross began racing go karts at a young age before zooming into motor sports. We’ve lost count of the number of hot lap experiences Fraser has given to wish kids – he even once raced a Porsche covered in children’s illustrations of their wishes!

Kelly Cartwright

At 15 years old Kelly Cartwright had part of her right leg amputated due to cancer, and during her journey had a Make-A-Wish wish come true. Kelly has since gone on to become a multiple World Record holder and win an Order of Australia Medal for her service to sport as a gold and silver medallist at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Zac Mihajlovic

Many Make-A-Wish wishes involve superheroes, and Zac Mihajlovic – aka Batman – is always on hand to help! Zac spent two years building a replica and road-legal Batmobile with his grandfather and a friend, and regularly helps us make wishes come true.

Sebastian Terry

Sebastian is an inspirational speaker, author and the founder of 100things.com.au. After the death of a close friend in 2009, Sebastian decided to reassess his priorities and came up with a list of 100 things he wanted to achieve in life. His current goal is to raise $100k for Make-A-Wish.

Nick Maxwell

Nick Maxwell is a retired AFL player and former captain of the Collingwood Football Club. In 2010, Nick captained Collingwood to its first AFL premiership in 20 years. Nick is now wearing a different Guernsey as part of the Greater Western Sydney Giants and Melbourne Storm leadership programs.

Matthew Broadbent

Matthew Broadbent plays Aussie Rules for Port Adelaide Power, where he’s an integral part of the football team in defence or midfield. Matthew has a long-standing family connection to Port Adelaide, as his grandfather was club podiatrist for 33 years.

Soa Palelei

Soa Palelei, otherwise known as ‘The Hulk’, is a retired mixed martial artist. The Hulk has competed in the Heavyweight division of the American Ultimate Fighting Championship, and recently released a memoir called 'Face Your Fears'. Soa is based in WA where he flexes his supporter muscles.

Dave Mckenna

Thrill seeker Dave Mckenna landed one of the coolest jobs in the country in 2013 when he became the first Australian stunt performer to be signed by Yamaha! Dave’s impressive street stunt riding takes him travelling all over the globe.