Harper's wish to be a purple pirate princess!

Harper's wish to be a purple pirate princess!

Little Harper closed her eyes tightly and wished that she was somewhere far, far away... 

She wanted to be far away from the hospital, where she was undergoing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia – an aggressive form of cancer that started in her bone marrow, and quickly spread to the rest of her body.  

She wanted to escape all the operations that had left her shaking with fear, all the steroids that had made her so sick, all the chemotherapy that had made her hair fall out. 

So four-year-old Harper imagined drifting off to sea, feeling the warm sun on her face and the water lapping gently at her feet.

Escaping hospital

“When Harper was in hospital,” says her mum Natalie, “she kept asking if she could go on our boat. We had a small boat when she was younger, you see, and she loved spending time on the sea. Thinking about it was her way of going back to a happy place.”

Harper’s wish will transport her far away from the scary hospital, to the shores of an exotic treasure island. Only it won’t be in her imagination. It will be in real life. 

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An experience to treasure

Harper has wished to be transformed into a pirate princess, and go on the hunt for buried treasure. She will be dressed head to toe in purple, her favourite colour – with purple pirate eye patch, purple boots, even a purple sword to fend off sea monsters.  

When her wish comes true, Harper and her crewmates (mum, dad and sister) will set sail around the Whitsunday Island on their very own pirate ship. 

Pirate princess Harper will scan the horizon with her trusty telescope. Land ahoy! Then using her treasure map, she will find where X marks the spot and dig for the hidden treasure. 

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Harper needs a wish

Harper has endured four gruelling rounds of chemotherapy, and she has one more chemotherapy treatment to go. Her treatment is due to finish in a few short months – and she needs her wish to get her through.  

Looking forward to her wish gives Harper the strength she needs to climb this final mountain, and it will take her mind off all the terrible trauma. What could be more distracting than the thought of becoming a pirate princess and sailing the seven seas? 

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