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Maia smiling

Maia finds the courage to start again

Imagine moving to a new country – away from friends, family and everything you know – and being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness at age five. Having a wish sparked something in Maia. After all the uncertainties of her illness and moving country – and everything she’d missed out on as result – she now had something to look forward to with joy and excitement. 

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You made it snow for Hamish

You may have heard about Hamish - a bubbly, happy young boy who is always giggling and playing with his older brother Cooper. On the outside, he looks just like any other seven year old. But what no one sees is that Hamish only has half a heart.

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 Jaiden Switches on his Christmas Lights  Jaiden's wish inspires him to light up more wishes this Christmas

We first met Jaiden back in 2007 when he was just nine years old. His wish for an adventure-filled visit to Queensland with his family was a turning point in his eight year battle with a rare and inoperable tumour. Today, this incredible teen is fit, healthy, and a superstar fundraiser for Make-A-Wish!

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 Mia visits the Manly Sea Eagles

Mia's magical Manly wish!

After being diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, 11 year old Mia’s life was turned upside down. With over a year of chemotherapy and radiation treatment ahead of her, Mia and her family were forced to relocate to the city to be closer to the hospital.

The diagnosis was understandably devastating, but sports-mad Mia had dreams of a very special wish to help bring strength and joy to her whole family throughout the treatment – a jam-packed trip to Sydney to meet her favourite sporting heroes from the Manly Sea Eagles!

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 Jai with his camera

Jai's wish helps him take flight

When Jai was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia it came as a huge shock to his family, who thought his lack of energy was just typical teen behaviour.

It was especially hard for Jai’s father, who has himself been battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma for 30 years. But Jai stayed strong and positive – helped by his love of aviation photography.

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 Issac with his puppy

Isaac's Power-ful wish

Unlike most adults, six year old Isaac has his life goals pretty sorted. He knows exactly what he wants to be when he grows up: a police officer, vet or dog trainer! But Isaac’s been facing something that no six year old should have to – his fight with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Hospitals can be scary places for kids – especially when coping with painful treatment and the loneliness that comes from being isolated from your friends and family.

But Isaac had something very special to look forward to. Something positive to mark the turning point in his medical journey… His wish to have his very own puppy to train and teach tricks to.

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Annabelle's Adventure

Annabelle's Broome Adventure

Despite her difficult start in life, Annabelle has always been confident and adventurous. Throughout all the blood tests and procedures, only one thing got her down: missing out on school. “Things that kids take for granted have been taken away from her – all the things she’s been looking forward to but couldn’t do. For a child, it’s like you’re breaking their heart over and over again.”

But Annabelle had something very special to get her through treatment – her wish. 

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Hannah with her puppy wearing a tutu

A cherished companion for Hannah

Hannah is just like any other teenage girl. She loves music, going shopping – and spends lots of time doing her hair and makeup! But unlike most teenage girls, Hannah has been facing a life-threatening battle: leukaemia.

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Preston's puppy

Preston's precious puppy wish

Like all children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, Preston faces an uncertain future. While he may look like any other sports-mad 11 year old on the outside, on the inside, Preston is battling an illness which has no cure. But he’s had something very special to give him strength: his wish for a blue Staffy puppy.

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Kael meets batman and Catwoman

Kael's super wish comes true

Four-year-old Kael captured the hearts of the nation when his wish to meet his favourite superheroes came true.

Kael's cherished wish was to meet his favourite superheroes, an incredibly fitting wish as he needs ongoing superhero strength for his fight with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

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 The Block made Caitlyn and Caspers wishes come true

Caitlyn and Casper's big reveal

Caitlyn and Casper are both huge fans of The Block. When they wished for bedroom makeovers, they had no idea the teams from Channel Nine's top rating program would come to their houses especially to make their wishes come true!

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 Phyonna's Wish

Snow in Cairns for Phyonna

For 6 year old Phyonna, diagnosed with a brainstem glioma, the concept of snow was a wonderful, magical thing.

Living in sunny Cairns and prevented by her illness from travelling to chillier climates, Phyonna could only dream of her most cherished wish to see snow for herself. So there was only one thing for Make-A-Wish to do – we had to bring the snow to her!

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Connors Wish

Connor's techie treat!

Connor, 14, spends many hours in hospital each month with cystic fibrosis.

For years, the self-confessed computer geek has wanted a gaming laptop and headphones to make the time in hospital more bearable. So Make-A-Wish set about making this happen for Connor – with a few surprises along the way to help lift his spirits!

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Grace with her puppy

Grace’s cuddly bundle of hope, strength and joy

At the age of seven, Grace should have had few worries. Who to play with at school; what cartoon to watch; which toy was her most loved. Instead, she faced something that no child ever should: two and a half years of gruelling hospital visits for chemotherapy and cranial radiation to battle high risk acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

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Clare with her poodle

Clare’s cuddly companion

After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma – a type of blood cancer, she’s had to endure multiple rounds of chemotherapy, operations, side effects, and even losing her beautiful long brown hair.

The diagnosis was understandably devastating, but Clare found something to focus on and keep her strong while going through treatment – her wish.

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Keely turns it to Gold!

For Keely, 16, a rare brain tumour has meant a long and difficult medical journey.

Her condition is so rare, Keely and her family had to travel to America for diagnosis. It’s also had complications, affecting her growth and development since the age of 10. Despite her ongoing battle with her illness, Keely’s determined spirit keeps her going, with two powerful weapons: her love of singing, and of helping others.

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Archie with his Chicken

Archie’s cubby comes with a clucky surprise!

Five-year-old Archie spent a good part of his young life battling neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer. It meant over 18 months of long hospital stays, tests, treatment and side effects – all of which took their toll on Archie and his family.

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Codie and the cast of Neighbours

Codie’s the star on her wish to meet the cast of Neighbours

Fourteen-year-old Codie, diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a life-threatening spinal deformity, is a huge Neighbours fan. When asked to name her most cherished wish, she had no trouble deciding that meeting the cast of Neighbours would be the ultimate experience. Little did Codie know – the real star of the day would be her!

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Jibril enjoys his wish

Jibril’s tailor-made wish brings lasting joy – and so much more!

Jibril is 4 and has leukaemia and autism. Although he has trouble verbally communicating, Jibril put a lot of thought into his wish, and the help of his big brother he drew us a picture of his favourite things.

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olivia with brooke lockett

Olivia's magical Chrstmas wish

For the last year, five-year-old Olivia has been battling neuroblastoma - a rare type of childhood cancer.

Like many little girls, Olivia has an active imagination and loves the magic of dress-ups. “She’s got fairy wings – she’ll put them on, and instantly she’s a fairy for the day. But she’ll have three or four wardrobe changes in that day!” says her mum....

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Andrea with her mother Tamar

Andrea's amazing wish

Andrea has been battling acute lymphoblastic leukaemia – a daunting diagnosis for anyone, let alone a nine-year-old. But throughout it all, she’s had something pretty extraordinary to keep her going – her Make-A-Wish wish! 

Andrea absolutely loves painting and drawing, so it was no surprise when she made her very original wish: to be a professional artist for a day. 

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Erika meets Harrison

Erika’s wish a voice of joy and hope

Erika’s wish to meet her idol – winner of The Voice Australia – Harrison Craig came as a wonderful surprise and was just what she needed after aggressive long-term treatment for Ewing’s sarcoma

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Georgia's Wish

Georgia's cruisy wish brings her family together

For Georgia, 11, diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, having a wish that her whole family could enjoy was the deciding factor in choosing an amazing cruise adventure to the Great Barrier Reef!

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Hannah is presented with her wish - a puppy called Alfred!

Hannah and Alfred: a match made in heaven!

Aside from dealing with the physical effects of her illness and treatment, Hannah also faced something all too common to many seriously ill young people – loneliness. Her illness has made it difficult for Hannah to go to school or spend time with her friends

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 Lachlan touches a dinosaur nose!

Lachlan’s wish inspires him to follow his passion

Throughout his illness, Lachlan’s love of dinosaurs gave him strength to get through all the hospital visits and all the uncertainty. While many children experience a passing fascination with the prehistoric creatures at one time or another, Lachlan could recite all of the different names by age three, and tell you where each one was found and how they lived by age six! 

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Liam's life-changing day at the mine!

While confined to hospital and after playing hours and hours of the video game 'Minecraft', Liam developed a serious interest in rocks and gem stones – especially diamonds! This hobby helped him uncover his most cherished wish – he wanted to be a diamond miner for a day.

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Samuel's wish a flying success!

When six year-old Samuel, who has Wilms' tumour, wished to be a "plane driver", he couldn't have known quite how spectacular his wish would turn out to be.

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Jarrah has a whale of a time!

For 14-year-old Jarrah, living with cystic fibrosis and all it entails is the norm. As someone who loves the ocean and snorkelling, Jarrah had no trouble deciding what his most cherished wish would be.

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Wish puts spring back in Fae's step!

The moment when Fae's wish was granted was truly heart-melting. A special celebration, with over 100 guests at the picturesque Roleystone Orchard, Western Australia, added to a day aFae will never forget.

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Special wheelchair makes a life-changing difference for Elias!

Every day is a battle for Elias, but he is determined to enjoy himself and continues to amaze his friends and family each and every day.

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Wildest Dreams Come True!

Megan, Ellie and Jet's wildest dreams came true when they each met their idol, one on one.

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