Wear What You Wish | Dress up to make a difference!

Wear What You Wish | Dress up to make a difference!

Your school can help make life-changing wishes come true for seriously ill kids by holding a fundraising day with a difference!

A Wear What You Wish Day is easy to organise and fun to do.

  • Encourage students to be creative by dressing up as whatever they dream to be when they grow up.  
  • With Book Week happening in August (from 18-24), it's a great time to hold a Wear What You Wish day in line with your Book Week activities.

Why Wishes?

When kids dress up, they transform – taking on the powers of a superhero, the bravery of a pirate or the skills of a star athlete.

For really sick kids, focusing on their wish helps them to stop thinking about their limitations and start thinking about possibilities. We harness the power of their imagination and carefully design each wish journey to build vital resilience in the child.

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